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Free Yourself

Build a


with food and body image that you feel proud of!

Build a


with food and body image that you feel proud of!

  • Dreaming of a new wellness vision for yourself but don’t know how to bring it into reality?
  • Exhausted from feeling tired but unmotivated to make the changes that will help you to recover your vitality?
  • Wish you could have the energy you did when you were younger?
  • Frightened of developing a chronic disease but don’t know how to avoid doing so?
  • Feeling frustrated that you just can’t shift excess weight?
  • Are you exhausted from the dieting hamster wheel and not being able to maintain a healthy weight?
  • Ready to let go of body shame and learn to love the skin you are in?
  • Desperate to overcome unhealthy eating behaviours like binge eating and comfort eating?

Are you ready to

Set Yourself Free?

Here’s how I can help you:

The Power Hour
2 x 1 hour consults + 30 min follow up

1 month programme
Once Off Payment

Who is this for?

Anyone looking for some quick & easy to implement nutrition and lifestyle advice with a little nourishmint twist!

What will you walk away with?

A Personalised Nourishmint Formula that includes:

An Eating & Supplementation Blueprint

Movement & Mindfulness Regime

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Return to Wholeness
10 x 121 Coaching Sessions
3 month programme
Payment Terms available

Who is this for?

Anyone wanting to address a specific wellness challenge post-diagnoses, post-illness, pregnancy, accident, trauma, pre-operation or just to recover themselves after falling off the wellness wagon!

What will you walk away with?

A Nourishmint Recovery Formula that includes:

Outcomes based Coaching Programme

Nourishment Recovery & Supplementation Blueprint

Movement & Mindfulness Regime

Accountability Partnership

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Embody Me
17 x 121 Coaching Sessions
6 month programme
Payment Terms Available

Who is this for?

Anyone wanting to lose weight without dieting! Finally escape the dieting hamster wheel, recover from emotional/binge or overeating and live without fear of food.

Anyone who is tired of living with body image issues and wants to feel empowered and free in their physical form.

What will you walk away with?

An Embodiment Journey that includes:

Eating Psychology Results based Coaching Programme

Functional Nutrition Results based Weight Loss Programme

Nourishment & Supplementation Formula

Movement & Mindfulness Regime

Accountability Partnership

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Can’t find what you are after?

Nourishmint Supplementation

For the longest time I have been looking to partner with a premium supplementation provider that resonates with my own wellness principles and delivers the wellness results it promises, which is why I am so confident to introduce you to Zinzino! In November I launched my supplementation offering in partnership with Zinzino, and introduced our flagship Omega Balance Oil+  “Test & Take” supplement, together with the 3 Product Protocol which includes a prebiotic supplement, called Zenobiotic and a multivitamin and immune boosting complex called Xtend.

If you’d like to find out more about Zinzino, and what makes them stand out from the crowd, visit:


To learn more about why Zinzino Balance Oil+ is the leading Omega 3 supplement in the world today, watch this informative webinar with the dynamic team responsible for the expansion of Zinzino into the African market: Nourishmint Zinzino Webinar

For order enquiries, please email me: cindy@iamnourishmint.co.za.

A Simple, Natural Approach

that teaches you to view your wellness and weight challenges not as a life sentence, but as the learning path to your recovery and upliftment. Nourishmint Consciousness teaches you how to hear and understand your body’s natural wisdom…a unique language that guides us into a different way of being, thinking and making choices that lead us gently to optimum wellbeing. Nourishmint Consciousness works with our physiology, psychology and true inner desires for the life that we dream of, completely unique to each of us. As we discover what is out of alignment in that trinity, so appears your bespoke Nourishmint Formula back to wholeness, embracing embodiment as a fundamental principle in the journey that is being truly well.

How is Nourishmint Coaching different from other Wellness and Weight Loss Coaching Programmes?

Nourishmint Coaching is a culmination of several different approaches meaning that each person is treated holistically according to their specific set of needs. Treatment includes the application of functional and mind-body nutrition, eating psychology principles, motivation theory, stress management and mindfulness practices.

What really makes this approach stand out from the crowd though, is the Founder of the Practice, Cindy Prodgers. See below for some more information about her.

Hi! I’m Cindy

and I’m a certified Mind Body Nutrition Coach and General Wellness Practitioner. With that I bring the experience of 20 years in corporate human resources and a fascination for human behaviour. Nourishmint Coaching brings to life my passion for nutrition, eating psychology and supporting others to overcome wellness obstacles and live a life of wholeness and meaning.

After years of chronic dieting and hating the appearance of my body, I felt completely trapped in the cycle of losing weight, gaining weight, food restriction, compulsive eating and extremely low self-esteem. I slowly started to lose my zest for life and noticed my sunny, optimistic disposition changing to one of pessimism and eventually deep internal depression which I hid from the world around me at huge personal expense.

It was around this time that I stumbled across a programme called Transform your Relationship with Food online. The course introduced me to a new perspective on my eating and body image challenges. I now understood that my relationship with food, eating and body image was calling me to look more deeply at myself and my inner belief systems, and that I needed to build a broader set of coping mechanisms to handle life’s challenges. My nutritional knowledge was excellent but my practical application was inconsistent because the minute my stress chemistry was activated, I would head straight for the fridge!

As I worked through the programme, I learnt what I needed to do to build my inner resilience and to make better decisions for myself in life, love and my career. In fact I loved the journey so much that I decided to become a certified Mind Body Nutrition Coach and in August 2018, Nourishmint Coaching was born/ My practice is centred on my own wellness philosophy which I refer to as Nourishmint Consciousness, supported by a structured, results based coaching methodology comprising Mind Body Nutrition, Eating Psychology & Neuroscience Principles.

My mission is to lead others to a place of wholeness (intrinsic wellness) by teaching them about the sacred language of their own body’s wisdom, approaching health and weight challenges, not as a life sentence but as a doorway to inner healing, personal growth and transformation.

My personal mantra is to relentlessly pursue my own healing and self-development as a means to serve the rest of humanity at my highest potential. I cannot wait to share this with you too.

Client Love

Before meeting Cindy, I was feeling very tired, helpless and stuck. A few years of dealing with loss and trauma, as well as becoming a new mom, had me searching for my former, healthier self. Working with Cindy allowed me to unpack my stuff, as she gently guided me through this messy and dark phase of my life. A few weeks of working with her and I am now enjoying my food, while nourishing and honouring my body. I still have a long way to go, but I am so grateful that Cindy helped me get unstuck and create the mind shift I so needed.

Christelle Rautenbach

Founder of Wellness for Women South Africa

Cindy started working with me when I experienced work-related stress during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Her skillful assessment of my current health and wellbeing immediately made an impact on my anxiety levels. After sorting out my general health she immediately identified and honed into the various issues that caused my stress and anxiety. Her sincere and honest coaching through the process not only helped me to deal with the stress, but also how to cope better with stress activation in future. I can sincerely recommend Cindy not only from a health perspective, but also from a business coaching perspective.

Stephan Kruis

Financial Advisor

I highly recommend Nourishment Coaching. As my coach, Cindy has gently guided me into being more mindful of my eating habits and the triggers in my life that make me reach for unhealthy food. Through this process I have also become more aware of how eating under stress is destructive for me, whereas before I just thought I had a faulty digestive system!

Cindy’s passion for nutrition and nourishment shines through her in her work. She imparts her knowledge in a gentle non-judgmental way and it is clear she sees and works with each person as an individual. Definitely no one-size fits all approach here!

Working intuitively, Cindy has helped me pull back various layers of the onion to tackle deep-seated core beliefs and the impact these have on my relationships with food, as well as my relationships with others. Thank you Cindy for holding me accountable, for supporting me and for believing in me.

Angela Behan

e-Learning Specialist

My journey started with Cindy in April 2018. I reached out via a Facebook post as I was battling with my health for over 2 years. During this time, I was diagnosed with glandular fever and later on chronic fatigue syndrome. Various tests were done as the medication that was prescribed would often not heal me completely.

I was tired (literally), so much so that I reduced my working hours to half days just so I could cope to get through a day. I was fed up with the dependency on medication. I was despondent as ongoing ill health symptoms appeared. My self-esteem was poor as I no longer felt accomplished. I felt helpless and disheartened.

In my 4 months with Cindy, her holistic approach to healing – mind, body, and soul was nourishing. She encompassed scientific, homeopathic and naturalistic ways of healing. I appreciate the personal experience and that I found her relatable – It’s like a “unique formula” she applies – there is no single recipe or fixed methodology. This for me was a MASSIVE differentiator to all the remedies I have tried before.

She has supported, encouraged and challenged me and I am eternally grateful for crossing paths. I always leave her sessions feeling lighter, feeling loved and feeling so positive after our meetups. She is a breath of fresh air.

Shireen Buckley

Founder of Consulting Shireen

At the age of 42 I have finally decided to LOVE my “skin suit” (including the layer of adipose tissue that lies beneath it). It’s the only one I’ve got and it’s achieved some pretty incredible feats. No more diets. No more “when I’m thin…”. I love this bod – every lump, bump, scar, imperfection and grey hair. It deserves the best nutrition, the best clothes, the best care and the brightest shade of lipstick. Thank you to Cindy Prodgers, my friend and coach for SEEING me. You do good work, Cinds and I’m so grateful for you.

Kirstin Purves

Tech Project Manager