Awaken, through Nourishmint Consciousness.

I believe that challenges with weight and digestion are not a part of yourself to be fixed, but instead a path to discovering your ideal Nourishmint Formula together with uncovering your deepest desires and unfilled needs.

Each person has a unique relationship with food and eating and no two people will thrive off eating the exact same way.

What you eat is as important as when, how and why you eat.

Food and eating can take on a role other than sustenance which drives unwanted eating behaviours and weight gain. In some cases food and eating takes the place of a missing partner, a deceased loved one or becomes a numbing agent for grief, anger or soothing feelings of stress and overwhelm. For some of us, our digestive process is heavily impacted by the conditions under which we eat including our inner state of being. What causes us to become unwell is not being aware of what we are truly hungry for.

The impact of this disconnection with ourselves can lead to long term issues with weight management, associated health conditions such as obesity and inflammatory diseases like diabetes, and a perpetual search for the right diet or lifestyle to get us back to a feeling of wellness. Mental health will often deteriorate over time because it is both exhausting and depressing to live in this state of disembodiment.

That’s why I designed a coaching process that reconnects you with your body’s innate wisdom and takes you on a journey into the appetite of your Mind, Body and Soul.

By understanding your needs in this way we are able to build a wellness plan that works with you on a physiological (body), energetic (mind and emotions) and spiritual (soul) level, captured in your personalised Nourishmint Formula.

Nourishmint Coaching focuses on 3 pillars
of personal transformation:

Each pillar holds within it, teachings, self-reflection exercises and a coaching process to unlock the wisdom that you hold within to re-invent your relationship with food and eating in such a way that it serves you best.

It brings me so much joy and excitement to share my experience and teachings with you in:

Hi! My name is Cindy

and I am the founder of Nourishmint Coaching. I have been running my practice since 2018 alongside my 20 year recruitment career in the technology sector.

Nourishmint Coaching brings to life my passion for nutrition, self-care and enabling others to reach their full potential. I am a results driven Coach but my own journey with well-being has taught me that a gentle, experiential and self-paced approach is what leads us to transform ourselves and bring about the most meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Nourishmint Coaching came about as a result of my own struggles with weight and body image issues. I have been comfort eating since I was a child and this naturally led to struggles maintaining my weight which I did through constant dieting. I also have a high sensitivity to stress chemistry and this triggered irritable bowel syndrome at a young age. I found myself as an adult woman feeling depressed and depleted from the loop of dieting, weight gain, tummy issues and not knowing how to break the cycle. A major eating trigger for me is emotional stress and as life became more complex and challenging, my anxiety levels escalated and my patterns around comfort eating became far harder to manage.

The game changer came when I discovered the work of Marc David, a pioneer in mind body nutrition and the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating (IPE). After completing his online programme called Transform your Relationship with Food, I went on to certify as an Mind Body Eating Coach through the IPE and have studied and experimented with several eating systems and wellness regimes to understand what creates a fulfilled and high functioning human. Alongside taking a very practical approach to improving my quality of life, I was fortunate enough to discover alternative wellness modalities of a more esoteric nature which unlocked my unique expression as a loving guide and healer for others going through similar challenges to me.

It was this discovery that revealed what I am truly hungry for… to lead others to a place of intrinsic wellness by connecting them with the language of their own body’s wisdom, approaching health and weight challenges as a doorway to personal growth and transformation through self-awareness, positive psychology, great nutrition and sacred embodiment (reconnecting with the spiritual essence that lies within each of us).

I have a special interest in working with women who:

  • are driven to meet life at their highest expression
  • are ready to face the big obstacles that they know are holding them back from doing so
  • are prepared to take take the long road instead of the quick fix
  • are willing to turn to the unconventional for real results

My Coaching programmes are best suited to Women who:

  • are exhausted from dieting, obsessing about food and gaining weight
  • want to break free from emotional eating
  • want to break unwanted eating patterns like food restriction, binge eating, compulsive eating, secret eating, night-time eating, comfort eating
  • fear food and gaining weight
  • are preparing for a bigger lifestyle change that will support their optimum wellbeing or recovery from illness (including obesity and lifestyle related disease)

What you can expect to feel after working with me:

  • relief from the unwanted eating behaviours
  • increased sense of wellbeing & optimism
  • deeper sense of connection with yourself
  • reduced anxiety around your weight and food
  • a sense of direction on how best to nourish yourself going forward – what does ‘healthy’ look like for you
  • a renewed sense of self love especially for the ‘skin you are in’
  • clearer sense of what foods your body can tolerate and what foods to eliminate from your diet
  • connection to a community of women who understand the challenges you live with daily
  • freedom from any shame you may be carrying in relation to your weight, unwanted eating behaviours and body shame

My personal mantra is to relentlessly pursue my own healing and well-being as a means to serve the rest of humanity at my highest potential. I cannot wait to share this philosophy with you too.

Are you ready to shift gears and try something new, authentic and guaranteed
to get you positive wellness results?

Work With Me

I have 2 ways of working with me:

121 Coaching Series:








Group Coaching Programme:






Group Event


What you can expect from my Coaching Programmes:

I work with my clients in a 7- 12 week Series, weekly or bi-monthly coaching sessions, depending on your specific goals and your budget.

Every Series has a set of aspirations and measurable outcomes which we co-create according to your wellness priorities, I refer to this as your personalised Nourishmint Formula.

In some cases I work alongside health professionals like GPs, dietitians and personal trainers and am happy to work as part of a wellness team.

My process has a structure to it but I make room for plenty of flow and iteration as ‘life happens’ and obstacles surface.

Each session has a theme, pre-work and homework so that you are engaged, and an active participant in the coaching process. Throughout the coaching experience you are encouraged to experiment with the core concepts of Nourishmint Consciousness, figuring out what feels right, what delivers tangible results and what takes you closer to your weight and wellness aspirations.

My highest priority is to unlock the insights that shift your personal paradigm towards the reality you are aspiring to create for yourself – this is where real change happens.

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Client Love

After meeting Cindy over an intuitive eating talk I thought she could be the answer to my poor body image and “so called” bad eating habits.

Cindy has taught me so much more than I could have ever imagined.. You taught me how to understand, honour and nourish, not only my body but my mind and soul too, that it’s okay not to be perfect, and so much more.

Cindy has an amazing gift in connecting with others, I’ve always felt heard and seen in the most gentle way. Cinds, you have changed my life. I know I have a long way to go, but after 27 years of self hate and unhappiness, I’m starting to like (even love) the person looking back at me in the mirror. Thank you.

Bryanne Coxon

Before meeting Cindy, I was feeling very tired, helpless and stuck. A few years of dealing with loss and trauma, as well as becoming a new mom, had me searching for my former, healthier self. Working with Cindy allowed me to unpack my stuff, as she gently guided me through this messy and dark phase of my life. A few weeks of working with her and I am now enjoying my food, while nourishing and honouring my body. I still have a long way to go, but I am so grateful that Cindy helped me get unstuck and create the mind shift I so needed.

Christelle Rautenbach

Founder of Wellness for Women South Africa

I highly recommend Nourishment Coaching. As my coach, Cindy has gently guided me into being more mindful of my eating habits and the triggers in my life that make me reach for unhealthy food. Through this process I have also become more aware of how eating under stress is destructive for me, whereas before I just thought I had a faulty digestive system!

Cindy’s passion for nutrition and nourishment shines through her in her work. She imparts her knowledge in a gentle non-judgmental way and it is clear she sees and works with each person as an individual. Definitely no one-size fits all approach here!

Working intuitively, Cindy has helped me pull back various layers of the onion to tackle deep-seated core beliefs and the impact these have on my relationships with food, as well as my relationships with others. Thank you Cindy for holding me accountable, for supporting me and for believing in me.

Angela Behan

e-Learning Specialist

My journey started with Cindy in April 2018. I reached out via a Facebook post as I was battling with my health for over 2 years. During this time, I was diagnosed with glandular fever and later on chronic fatigue syndrome. Various tests were done as the medication that was prescribed would often not heal me completely.

I was tired (literally), so much so that I reduced my working hours to half days just so I could cope to get through a day. I was fed up with the dependency on medication. I was despondent as ongoing ill health symptoms appeared. My self-esteem was poor as I no longer felt accomplished. I felt helpless and disheartened.

In my 4 months with Cindy, her holistic approach to healing – mind, body, and soul was nourishing. She encompassed scientific, homeopathic and naturalistic ways of healing. I appreciate the personal experience and that I found her relatable – It’s like a “unique formula” she applies – there is no single recipe or fixed methodology. This for me was a MASSIVE differentiator to all the remedies I have tried before.

She has supported, encouraged and challenged me and I am eternally grateful for crossing paths. I always leave her sessions feeling lighter, feeling loved and feeling so positive after our meetups. She is a breath of fresh air.

Shireen Buckley

Founder of Consulting Shireen

Cindy is an incredible wellness coach. In the last 2 years she has helped me through the loss of identity that often comes with being a Mom, grieving my own mother, my disordered eating, and now my cancer diagnosis and treatment.This is the only body I’ve got and it’s achieved some pretty incredible feats. No more diets. No more “When I’m thin…”. It deserves the best nutrition, the best clothes, the best care and the brightest shade of lipstick. If you are needing someone to hold space for you, Cindy is your person.

Kirstin Purves

Tech Project Manager

Myth Buster Alert!

People believe that wellness coaching is a luxury spend when in fact it is an investment of your time, energy and money, for which you can expect a measurable return.

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